Cyber Monday
Any orders over $100 placed get 10% off only if placed online

Green Wednesday & Black Friday 

November Deals

Ask your bud tender about our full 20 & 30% off sale list

All deals only valid while supplies last, promos strains/type generated randomly by system cannot mix and match, limits set are depending on specific promo, all promo items are 1 penny. Valid all day November 22nd and 24th 2023. 

  • Desert blaze panama spice strain 30% off
  • High Caliber buy an 8th get a 1g jar for a penny
  • 20% off Buddies and Jeeter
  • buy any jeeter product get a preroll
  • Claybourne frosted flyers b2g1
  • Pabsts b2 get a 100mg shot
  • emerald bay exracts RSO b2 get a 1000mg rso tablet jar
  • b2 west coast cure items get a mystery west coast cure item
  • Buy any west coast cure cure item get a jeffery preroll
  • buy any crown genetics item get a preroll
  • raw garden buy 2 crushed diamonds concentrates get a 3rd for a penny
  • b2g1 crown genetics concentrates
  • b2g1 bursts edibles
  • b2g1 hydrotic edibles
  • Buy any stiiizy item get a power case
  • 50% off stiiizy edibles
  • 40% off stiiizy LLR and CDT pods
  • 20% off stiiizy prerolls
  • 10% off stiiizy flower

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